Amber Heard spending time with Elon Musk?

Los Angeles: Actress Amber Heard is reportedly spending time with South African-born Canadian-American billionaire Elon Musk. The actress, who has been navigating her way through a very public divorce from estranged husband Johnny Depp, reportedly spent the weekend with Musk at the Delano South Beach in Miami, reports  Heard was there with her sister. Sources have said that although the 30-year-old actress and the 45-year-old CEO of electric automobile maker Tesla Motors had separate rooms, he was seen entering a specific room and Heard was spotted exiting the same room at different times over four days.  The sources also claimed that she and her sister were seen hanging out in Musk's hotel bungalow.  However, sources close to Heard and Musk claim that they are just friends and that Musk allowed Heard to use his room at the Delano while he was working on his rocket launch.  Musk's representative said: "I believe your sources are mistaken. Elon was in Cape Canaveral, Florida for a SpaceX rocket launch this weekend".