Amazing love for Gujarati..know what a couple did

Rajkot: Its never ben so easy to quit a high-salary job and that too a reputed one. But a Gujarati couple had no qualms when they resigned together from Goldman Sachs in New York. But the reason for this bold decision could leave many surprised.

Gaurav Pandit and his wife Sheetal from Gujarat left the job with world's second biggest investment bank only because they wanted their eighteen-month daughter to stay in their native Bhavnagar and learn their mother tongue Gujarati.

On February 21 which is observed as 'International Mother Language Day,' Gaurav and Sheetal are filled with pride that their daughter Taashi, now three-and-a-half-years, speaks fluent Gujarati that too with the sweet-sounding Kathiyawadi accent!

After working more than a deacde, the couple is back to Bhavnagar in 2015 and lived here for nearly 18 months till Taashi began speaking Gujarati effortlessly.

"They wanted Taashi to grow up in an environment where mother tongue is spoken. What could have been a better place than our own native? Moreover, they decided to return when she was just learning to talk. She picked up Gujarati very well and speaks fluently now," Gaurav's father Nalin Pandit quoted in a media report.