Amal Clooney back to work after delivering twins!

After delivering the most awaited tots of Hollywood, Alexander and Ella, superstar George Clooney's wife Amal was back to work at the United Nations Security Council in New York. You usually marry a Hollywood star to become their arm candy and revel in their presposterous life,  it very rarely happens the opposite way. She happens to be just as famous as her supestar husband! 




In a hazel coloured skirt-suit, Amal looked vibrant and sharp as she spoke to the ambassadors of the West. She paired the suit with a tangerine silk pussy-bow shirt, a stylish nod to the 70s. Amal kept her accessories to a minimum, wearing a plain wedding band only. The various shades of berry of her outfit complemented the caramel highlights in her hair, which was blow-dryed into large tumbling curls.