Alia is a TINY girl with Baahubali HEART

New Delhi, Nov 9: Filmmaker Kalpana Lajmi has been unwell for a while and fighting kidney ailment. The fimmaker was rushed to a Mumbai hospital and had to be admitted in the ICU on November 6 as a result of her deteriorating health. 

There have been many talks going on regarding who is bearing Kalpana's medical expenses.

Recently, a source close to Kalpana puts all this speculation to end and said, " “Kalpana’s medical bills which come to around Rs 2.5 lakh every week for the four dialysis that she undergoes, are borne entirely by Soni Razdan and her daughter Alia Bhatt. Soni is Kalpana’s closest friend and she has been monitoring the funds for Kalpana’s treatment. Every time the bills pile up, Soni informs Alia who pays the bills.”

Not many people know that Alia and her family is close to Kalpana and she was grown up in her lap. 

“She would be very upset and embarrassed to know this has been let out. But it’s very important to let Kalpana’s well-wishers know that only one 24-year-old girl is shouldering her medical bills. It’s about time others came forward to do their bit. Alia’s mother Soni Razdan is valiantly pushing on with Kalpana’s medical care. But more people need to come forward with financial help. Right now it’s just Alia,” according to sources.