Akshay Kumar earned 5000 for his first film!

Akshay Kumar is one of the best actors that Bollywood has today. He is one of those few actors in the industry that worked his way up the ladder. Today he is one of the highest earning actors in the industry, and is churning out hits after hits. However, like we said, he didn’t have it easy. The model-turned-actor still reminisces his struggling days and the way he got his first big break in 1991.

As per a MiD-Day report, the star was quoted making some interesting revelations about his former days as an actor in Bollywood. Apparently, the actor is got just a meagre sum of Rs 5000 for his first film. The actor, who was then a model, was called by Pramod Chakravarty’s company with an offer to act in a film and on screening his pictures was offered three films instantly.


Akshay was quoted as telling the leading tabloid, “Much to my surprise, he (Pramod Chakravorty) gave me my first cheque, signed me on for three films, immediately. He gave me a cheque of Rs 5000, for the first film, Rs 50,000, for second film, and the third cheque had Rs 1.5 lakh on it. The exact time he gave me those cheques was 6 o’clock in the evening. It would have been a downer, if I would have gone to Bangalore. Today, I would be struggler somewhere. So yes, whatever happens is for the good.” 

So, when did it all get started for Akki? It was the year 2005 when Akki began his string of good films with good content. It was the beginning of brand Akshay Kumar. 

In his 17-year career, he has done 37 films, out of which 17 are multi-starrers. He has mastered all genres and is the actor to reckon with. We wish him continued success.