Akhilesh tries to pump fresh air in BJP-punctured cycle

New Delhi: One must give credit to young Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav  for putting  up a brave front after a humiliating defeat in the assembly elections.  Without wasting time, Akhilesh has decided to reconnect with the electorate, but with a new slogan.

 In a bid to pump in air in the punctured cycle, Samajwadi Party has come up with a new slogan‘Aapki Cycle sadaa chalegi aapke naam se, fir pradesh ka dil jeetenge hum milkar apne kaam se‘ (Your cycle will always run in your name, we will once again win the hearts of the people in the state with our work). Clearly, there’s an emotional appeal here and yes the acceptance that there was something lacking in the party’s approach. The only thing common between old and new slogan is ‘kaam’. Party’s old slogan was ‘Kaam Bolta Hai’. Importantly, with focus on ‘kaa’, the party is trying communicate that development will be its core focus, a lesson every party has learnt from PM Narendra Modi.

SP managed just 47 seats in the UP Legislative Assembly as compared to the 224 seats in the 2012 elections.