AJL to re-launch National Herald newspaper

Lucknow: The Associated Journals Ltd (AJL), the company that owns National Herald, on Thursday decided to convert into a non-profit company and re-launch its newspapers, the National Herald, Quami Awaj and Navjivan.

The decision was taken at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) in Lucknow on Thursday.

According to AJL Managing Director Motilal Vora, the members of the company have considered and approved a number of resolutions to convert AJL into a not-for-profit company.

"We are considering very seriously re-launching the newspapers," Mr. Vora said after nearly three-hour long meeting of the shareholders of the company.

“These decisions of the members of the company are in pursuance to the revival plan of the company since 2010 which includes its conversion into a not-for-profit entity and re-launching the newspapers," he added.

“The AJL was founded by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1937 and the company and the newspapers it published, The National Herald, Qaumi Awaz, and Navjivan, played an important role during the freedom movement and functioned historically in public interest and for social good.”

"This decision of the EGM in essence formalises this larger purpose for which the company was founded in the first place," said a press note issued at the end of the meeting.

The EGM also saw veterans including Ghulam Nabi Azad, Sam Pitroda, Oscar Fernandes, Sheila Dikshit, Sandeep Dikshit, Salim Sherwani, Ratna Singh, Jitin Prasada and Syed Sibtey Razi, in attendance.

News24 Bureau