Airlift review: This Akshay Kumar's film will make every Indian feel proud

Film: Airlift Cast: Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur Direction: Raja Krishna Menon Genre: War thriller

Rating: 3.5

The newest Akshay Kumar film 'Airlift' is finally in theatres and is tossing a good response from the moviegoers.

Based on a real-life incident, Airlift is the story of 170,000 Indian expatriates caught in the Iraq-Kuwait conflict in 1990 and their struggle to safety. It imitates the heroic evacuation that has also won a place in the Guinness World Records for India.

Ranjit Katyal (Akshay Kumar) is a wealthy and successful businessmen and has everything going for him: a wife, little daughter, and a mansion. But his life takes a calamitous turn and comes crashing down when Iraq invades Kuwait.

The picture plot brings Katyal and wife Amrita (Nimrat Kaur) to a situation wherein they fall prey to a power play and ultimately come under a situation where they have to chose between personal interests and selflessness, as they become the hope of thousands of Indian refugees trapped in Kuwait.

The scenes that show destruction and brutal killing are done with a crisp excellence, almost giving it a real shape and the story paces smoothly throughout too. Thanks to the leads and director Raja Krishna Menon.

Akshay Kumar, throughout has done his part with full determination conveying the exact amount of fear and rage, that grips him. Nimrat Kaur, Feryna Wazheir, and others have also put up a good show with their respective roles.

All in all, the movie deserves a "must-watch" token as it sure will make every Indian feel proud.

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News24 Bureau Tulika Bishnoi