Afraid of aggressive Virat, Ashwin's big reveIation!

New Delhi: Known for his wit and humour on and off field,  world’s top spinner R Ashwin feels that one should take voluntary retirement after captaining an India side for five years. Of course he said this in a lighter vein when he was asked to compare the captaincy of MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli.

Saluting Dhoni for his cool temperament, Ashwin said that MSD kept pressure off the team in a cricket-mad country. “I take my hat off to MS Dhoni. He did a commendable job, especially in a country where people wanted his head for a very long time. He insulated the team from a lot of pressure,” Ashwin told The Times of India.

Ashwin said that maturity was the hallmark of MSD’s captaincy. But, Virat is a different ballgame altogether. “He likes confrontation, he likes to be in the thick of things, he's extremely aggressive. Sometimes I feel that he's so aggressive that I get a little scared. I wonder whether I should remove this fielder or not (laughs),” Ashwin said while speaking to the national daily. “ He's (Virat) probably a generation transforming individual,” the offie added.

If he captains India, then will he copy Dhoni or Virat? “I don't want to copy anybody. I believe in accountability and communication and I will be very just in what I do,” quipped Ashwin.