Afghan's German train attack was 'revenge' for friend's death

Berlin: An Afghan teenager who attacked passengers on a German train with an axe, badly injuring four people, was out to avenge the death of his friend in Afghanistan, said prosecutors in Germany. Bavarian regional prosecutor Erik Ohlenschlager said the 17-year-old Afghan was a devout Muslim and on learning about his friend's death he wanted to get revenge on "infidels" who killed him. The youngster even accepted that his own death was a possibility. The teenager, during the attack on board the train on Monday evening in Wuerzburg, injured four people, two critically, BBC reported. The young man, whose identity is protected by law, arrived in Germany a year ago as an unaccompanied refugee. He was shot dead by police as he fled. The Islamic State group (IS) released a video purporting to show the teenager making threats while brandishing an axe. He claimed to be an "IS soldier" preparing for a suicide mission. German officials said they later found a hand-painted IS flag in his room. Ohlenschlager said the attack was "definitely politically motivated". However, Bavaria's Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said there was no indication that the teenager had direct contact with IS. The teenager reportedly shouted the Islamic phrase "Alla-hu-akbar" ("God is great") as he mounted the attack. A police official said on Tuesday that two of the five people injured were in a "life-threatening" condition. IANS