Adele plants kiss on fan's lips

Vancouver: Singer Adele ended up getting a little closer than anticipated when she accidentally kissed a delighted fan on the lips during her concert here. The incident happened during her performance at Vancouver's Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena, where she was on the stage for a sold-out show on Wednesday, reports  The incident, which was caught on camera by a fellow attendee, shows the British star invite the unidentified man up onto the stage. After he briefly duets with his idol, she leans in to embrace him - including a kiss on the cheek.  However, the fan can be seen moving his head a second before the once-in-a-lifetime moment, which ensured they briefly locked lips.  Playfully surprised, Adele can be seen looking shocked as she covers her mouth and laughs at the live crowd, who were equally amused. The fan could also be seen giggling at his actions, before appearing sheepish at how she would respond.  It was all taken in good humour and they shared a hug before he left the stage.