This actress wears transparent dress, may be jailed for 5 years

New Delhi, Dec 2, News24 Bureau:  Once again, a controversy emerged when an actress was seen wearing a transparent dress. Egyptian actress Rania Youssef attended Kahira's film festival wearing a  black colour dress, after which she got targeted. The actress has been accused of publicly spreading obscenity after wearing this dress. This 44-year-old actress can be jailed for up to 5 years if convicted.Let us tell you, Egypt is a conservative country, where there is a dispute about open thinking. In this case, a group of lawyers have complained to the Chief Prosecutor. However, many people have said that the actress should have the freedom to choose what she is wearing. The case will be heard on January 12. However, the actress has also apologized for the same. She said that if she knew that there would be such a dispute, then she would not have worn this dress.

In last year, the pop singer was sent to jail for wearing an underwear in a video in Egypt. The court sentenced Shayama Ahmad, 25, to jail for two years for allegedly inciting sexual activity through obscenity. Not only this, but the director of the video also sentenced for 2 years.

 (Image Source- Internet)