Absconding Honeypreet can give vital clues, police searching for her

New Delhi 1 Sep: Where is Ram Rahim's adopted 'Angel Daughter' Honeypreet absconding? Ever since the self acclaimed godman Ram Rahim has been convicted, the lady is nowhere to be seen.

While some feel that she is absconding, others say that she is living in the house of a Dera supporter in Rohtak. She was last seen sitting beside Ram Rahim in a chopper after he was being taken out of the Panchkula court complex in Haryana after the conviction.

The Haryana government is looking into how Honeypreet was allowed to board the chopper that took Ram Rahim out last Friday. Honeypreet is considered the main aide of the controversial Dera chief and is supposed to be hands-in-gloves in all Ram Rahim's crimes.

She likes to describe herself as "Papa's angel, philanthropist, director, editor and actress" on social media. Honeypreet Insan is the adopted daughter of Ram Rahim Singh whose conviction in a rape case triggered mob violence that killed 36 people across Haryana. Considered a confidant of the Dera chief, she has also emerged as his likely successor to head the controversial sect.

A website -www.HoneypreetInsan.me, also introduces herself as "a great Daughter of an amazing Father." The site also mentions Honeypreet's philanthropic activities and working for the welfare of the poor and needy.

News24Online Bureau