AAP crisis averted, Amanatullah shown the door; Vishwas now in-charge of Rajasthan

New Delhi: Major changes have been done in AAP in a bid to improve things within the party fold. As of now the major crisis within the party has been averted. Kumar Vishwas, who was giving sleepless nights to CM Kejriwal and Deputy CM Sisodia, has of now, been pacified.

According to the early reports pouring in Vishwas is not quitting the party. In a bid to pacify him the party has handed on to him, the responsibility of Rajasthan.

Meanwhile, Amanatullah has been shown the door. All his allegations will be looked into, it was decided in the party.

Things were taking a bad turn ever since Amanatullah had pointed allegations on Kumar Vishwas by calling him a RSS and BJP agent. Hurt by these allegations Vishwas had hinted that he would be leaving the party. 

The initial reactions from Manish Sisodia to his comments were not very kind. But late night Sisodia and Kejriwal along with other AAP leaders went to Vishwas' house to pacify him. 

All eyes were on Vishwas: Will he come to the PAC. 

But as of now it appears the major crisis in AAP has been averted.

AAP has been on a downslide off late and it is very important for them to set things right before it is too late.