A group of Sadhus will fight J&K's stone pelters

New Delhi: Chetan Mahapuri,  head of a Kanpur-based religious organisation, Jansena, along with his group of sadhus will dare the stone pelters at Jammu and Kashmir.

According to media reports, the Sadhu said that he was training people to teach a lesson to stone pelters who harm India's unity.  He further informed that thousand will leave for Jammu &Kashmir on May7.  Jansena,  is training men and women to take on stone pelters in Kashmir.

Additional squads od sadhus can be despatched if the need arises. As of now, they are still awaiting a nod from the authorities.

Jan Sena founder, Balyogi Arun Puri Chaitanay Maharaj had earlier informed the media that they have decided to go ahead with the proposed plan under the ‘Yudha Vijay Yagya’ despite the authorities forbidding them from doing so.