A bollywood celebrity has just bought this..know who he is

Mumbai: John Abraham is a known bike and car buff. But then he surprised everybody when he told News24 that he prefers travelling in auto as he enjoys it. Anyways, the macho man is in news gain for his new acquisition, a ‘devil’. 

He has just got delivery of his  Nissan R35 GT-R, which he had booked in November. Nicknamed Godzilla, the car costs a whopping Rs 2 crore. On social media, John claimed that he is the first ‘Godzilla’ owner in India.

The two-door beauty is powered  by a 3.8-litre (3800 cc) twin-turbo V-6 engine and comes with an automatic  six-speed dual-clutch. In  less than 4 seconds it hits the speed of 100 km/hour. It  can hit a top speed of 308 km/hour.

John has a black Lamborghini in his stable, while Audi Q 7 is his favourite. (News24Bureau)