A 30 crore loss, Kapil Sharma again in depression!

New Delhi, Dec 8: Actor and renowned comedian, Kapil Sharma has been trapped in many controversies. From his popular show, The Kapil Sharma Show to talks about his health, Kapil has been wrapped in various negative accusations that have affected his reputation. 

However, recent reports suggest that Kapil went in loss of more than Rs 30 crore due to his movie 'Firangi'. Where, Kapil invested 40 crores in director Rajiv Dhingra's film that released on Friday, the movie, on the other hand, did not even earn Rs 10 crore so far. 

If reports are to be believed, Kapil has gone in depression again due to the film's flop, where sponsors had promised to secure the film.

Another report suggested "Right now, Kapil are not in a position to speak to anyone. He made some promotional activities plan for the expected good Riwug and after the release of the film, making the base. However, now they have all plans canceled. Infact Kapil was also forming part of the assembly of a news channel. The arrangement of all the features from its flight tickets Kapil from the channel."