800 engineering colleges will be CLOSED, students shocked

New Delhi: Engineering dreams of lakhs of students have have been shattered apart from lakhs of money that they would have spent to pursue their dreams. that's because over 800 engineering colleges will be shut down because of poor quality of these colleges.

Engineering colleges which have had a student enrolment of less than 30% of their capacity for last 5 years will be closed from academic year 2018–19.All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) chairman Anil D Sahasrabudhe has said that the poor enrolment reflected quality of the colleges.

“Students can be shifted to engineering colleges in the vicinity that have sufficient student strength,” he said. “We compared the figures for the total intake and the admissions made for five years, and made a list of colleges that need to be shut down,” he added. According to AICTE one of the reasons for poor enrolment is lack of infrastructure at the colleges.

However, some officials also blame lack of demand for poor enrolment. There are 10,363 engineering colleges across the country.