8 Steps: How to open WhatsApp on your Jio mobile

New Delhi, Nov 17: Ever since Jio has been launched in the market it is redefining and rewriting all rules in the telecom industry.
Some critics of Jio were happy that since Jio is not WhattsApp compatible, it will not be welcomed by the Indian users. But it looks that Jio has come out with a solution to this persisting problem. 

According to reports Reliance Jio 4g is working along with Facebook to bring WhatsApp to the Reliance Jio Phone. Jio is in talks with WhatsApp to introduce a tailored version of the messaging platform. Jio and WhatsApp together is apparently planning to introduce a new toned down version of WhatsApp for Jio Phone. It is called WhatsApp Lite, according to reports. 
But at present you can use these following tricks to make WhatsApp functional on your mobile:

- The first step is to open the browser in Jio phone to search the link “browser ling.”
-Then click the first site which you see in the browser and open it.
-In this site, select the browser like opera, chrome, Firefox but do not select Internet Browser.
-After selecting the browser, search the link. http://web.whatsapp.com.
-You can see QR Code for Whatsapp when you open the link which is used to run Whatsapp on the web page.
-This code will appear in the zoom screen you can zoom out while using the ‘1’ key and for zoom in use key ‘2’.
-The final step is to scan this code from the phone in which you are using Whatsapp.
-Finally, the full format of Whatsapp will appear in your Jio phone and you can use Whatsapp all functions there.