8 killed in Brazil jet crash

Rio De Janeiro: At least eight persons were killed when an executive jet crashed into an industrial warehouse in Brazil, official sources said on Monday. The twin-engine Piper Navajo jet crashed onto the facility belonging to the Excellence transportation company Sunday night in Camby, Parana state, hitting a bus and exploding on impact, Xinhua news agency reported. Local residents who witnessed the crash told the local media that the incident could have been even more tragic, as the aircraft fell only 20 metres far from a church, where about 300 persons were attending a service. According to an official, the two crew members and six passengers, including at least three minors, were heading to Londrina, a city near Combe after a wedding in west-central Mato Grosso state. The passengers were all relatives of the President of Brazilian union of cooperatives Fenatrocop, Mauri Viana, who had flown in a separate plane with his wife, a daughter and son-in-law, an official added. The victims were Viana's ex-wife, two daughters, grandson, brother and sister.