7 years of '3 idiots': Here are some little known facts about this modern day classic

3 Idiots turned out to be one of those rare films which has not just seen immense critical acclaim coupled with box office success but also an all around respect from the audience.

Here are some facts about the movie:

*The fictional "Imperial College of Engineering" depicted in the movie is situated in the city of Delhi.

*The Aamir Khan's character Rancho says in the movie that people study engineering, then management, and then become bankers, so what is the whole point of studying engineering. This is exactly what Chetan Bhagat (the author of 'Five points someone', the book from which the movie has been adapted) did. He studied engineering from IIT, management from IIM, and became a banker.

*The All Is Well-Reliance Life Insurance campaign broke across television channels, radio stations, and hoardings featuring the lead actors of the film. The ad used the proposition, 'Jab hai saath Reliance Life Insurance, All Is Well', to convey its messages to the masses.

*Various technologies shown towards the end of the movie are real-world inventions.( When Farhan and Raju reach Rancho's school in Kashmir).

* While shooting the drunk scene, Aamir suggested that they get really drunk and that happened on the shoot which resulted in numerous retakes and the stock of camera roll got over and the unit had to go to another shoot in Bangalore (where the film was shot) to get the roll.

*Aamir Khan never stands still in the entire movie. He is always swaying in some direction. Apparently, he concluded that our generation never stand still after observing his nephew.

*the pregnancy scene, which was a very important scene in the movie was actually planned for Munnabhai m.b.b.s directed by the same director Rajkumar Hirani.However, he thought it was not meaningful to the munnabhai movie and included that scene in this movie.

*Producer  Vidhu Vinod Chopra has claimed that 3 Idiots will be legally released on YouTube within 12 weeks of releasing in theaters - a first in the history of Indian cinema. But He did not do as he promised.the movie was released after almost a year.

*The SUV used throughout the movie is a Volvo XC90 R- Design.