7 Times Kate Middleton made Diana come alive in our memories!


With the presence of Kate Middleton in Britain's Monarchy, it has changed the face of the way we perceive royal lives. She has brought normalcy, delicacy and a relatibility factor. When her kids are cranky while getting off a plane or when she stumbles upon words while speaking, we can connect with her immediately. 

But you really connect with her when she tries to bring Diana alive with wearing the same style of clothes as her. A great way to give nod to her infamous mother-in-law and also giving the message that she doesn't want to overtake her. Very kind and very generous gesture on her behalf. 

Here are seven memorable moments when Kate gave us a great sense of royal deja vu: 

* Kate Middleton wore a blue polka-dotted dress, just as Diana, while making a debut as first-time moms. 

* Then debuting with their second sons, both looked gorgeous in a red dress with white collars. 

* At a charity dinner, their flowy and frilly chiffon dresses made them very much the Greek Goddess of our dreams! 

* Shocking pink during a morose, winter morning awakens your mind with such a splash of color. 

* Checkered Jackets, a nod to the prints of the British clothing. Very regal, Very Stately. 

* Then for the summers. Looking just like a tall glass of lemonade, very refrishing, very quenching. 

* One for Sunday, church. Right from the flowery prints, to the knee lenght to the beige heels, very demure and very classy.