#ElectionResults 7 secrets of PM Modi, how he ensured saffron Holi in UP

New Delhi: It's 'gujhiya time' for PM Narendra Modi.Riding on the Modi tsunami, BJP has ended its 15-year UP vanvaas with a bang. As the BJP prepares to celebrate saffron Holi, let's look at the reasons that could have worked in favour of BJP.

1. Note ban

This proved to be a masterstroke, and in practice was the economic Mandal. Cutting across caste and religion, the poor took it as an anti-rich measure. This made a dent in the traditional votebank of Congress, SP and BSP. Time and again PM Modi made statements that the black cash from the rich will be used to fund welfare schemes for the poor like housing, universal basic income, etc. News about a possible loan waiver for the farmers was also circulated.      


2. Majority Polarisation

Like in the Lok Sabha, the Assembly election results in UP clearly hint a polarisation of Hindu votes, with the traditional BSP vote shifting to BJP. The Shamshan-Kabristan and Eid-Diwali statements by PM Modi aided the polarisation, with SP-Congress being projected as an alliance that favours Muslims.

3. OBC/Dalit card  

Something that was seen as a weak link in BJP's UP strategy, eventually proved to be a strength. The OBC-bias in the tickets brought OBCs to BJP camp. The projected pro-poor image of PM Modi after note ban, coupled with this OBC strategy ensured that both forwards and backwards voted for the BJP. Forwards in any case were expected to vote for BJP, OBC bias brought the backwards to BJP. The alliance with smaller caste-based parties helped BJP's cause.

4. Modi's GDP

Naming the cashless transaction App after Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar- BHIM App- was integral part of Modi's Dalit-OBC strategy for UP. With this, PM managed to send a powerful message of economically empowering the socially and economically neglected. This, added to the direct transfer of benefits to accounts of poor and Jandhan programme, was Modi's interpretation of GDP. That is, Modi gave the message that for him real GDP growth was one that ensures financial inclusion and upliftment of the marginalised sections of the society.                


5. Modi rallies/road shows  

The attacking mode of PM Modi in the rallies, reaffirmed his image of a dynamic leader. His personal attacks on opposition leaders went down well with the voters, giving an impression that PM is not afraid to speak his mind out. Hwever, the donkey remark of Akhilesh did not go well with the voters. PM managed to convince the electorate that critics of note ban were anti-poor. When the campaigning peaked, the side-effects of note ban were disappearing, so the attack on note ban was seen as an anti-poor stand. Varanasi road shows and the Shiv darshan clicked for the BJP        

6. Yadav Pari'war'

The family war in the Yadav family, it seems, was not taken well by the voters. Akhilesh going against father may not have gone down well in  a traditional society. Additionally, the war deprived the SP of the oraganisational acumen of Shivpal Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav.      


7. Women for Modi


One of the key factors for BJP's exceptional performance in UP is the support of women for PM Modi. It is said that the free LPG cylinder for the poor women and the party's stand on 'triple talaq' ensured that record number of women voted for the BJP in UP.