6 Bollywood Celebrites that are ageing Gracefully

Movies are made as an escape from routine life for its audiences, however, it happens at a great cost to its artists! Its because actors and actresses have the responsibility of fulfilling your fantasies - otherwise why would you shell out 2.5 hours and 200 bucks to watch their films? Here are five Bollywood stars that have aged magnificiently and we never get peeved from watching them, again and again! 

* Arjun Rampal: The man is Adonis! He just gets better with age - the tanned skin and the amazing height has him wooing the grannies as well as the teenagers! 


* Anil Kapoor: Fine, wine! Jhakaasss back then, even more jhakaasss today.

* Aamir khan: Even when it comes to ageing, he's a perfectionist! 

* Sridevi: Fine wine served up in a new bottle, everytime, in every movie! 

* Hrithik Roshan: Fine wine, served up in a new bottle, everytime, in every movie! He gets yummier with age! 


* Malaika Arora-Khan:  Yummy-mummy has been the poster-child for the last two decades, yet her workouts and diet regime along with amazing genes have given her the edge over other celebrity moms!