5 Younger Men Aishwarya has romanced!


Age is a mindset these days, Aishwarya has never looked her best, most stylish, poised with her acting and confident in her skin! She has truly conquered the world and is glowing by the second! Her heroes, of all ages, are enamored by her. In an industry that dates actresses and actors go on to romancing younger women, she has defied the odds! 


Here are 5 younger actors she has romanced and succeeded at it: 


* Ranbir Kapoor: They made the perfect couple of the artist and his muse. The muse is supposed to be a bit older, cuz she inspires you and makes you grow into a better artiste. She was every bit that - and then some more with her beauty! 






* Akshay Khanna: They worked together in Taal and Aa Ab Laut Chalen. This was at the beginning of her career, she was fresh, uninhibited and giggled her way into our hearts with the shrill voice, and Akshay was the perfect match to her childish nature with his strong, silent type of characters in both movies. 




* Vivek Oberoi: She just hasn't added star-power to the movies with her younger actors, she's also helped them break the mould of being stereotyped. After movies such as Yuva and Company, where Vivek was categorized as the rebellious and negative man - she helped him bring out the romantic side of emotions with Kyon Ho Gaya Na. With her help, he was able to be regarded in this genre as well. 






* Hrithik Roshan: They were paired when she was in the prime of her career! They actually made the Ken-Barbie of Bollywood as they both had great bodies, great expressions and thus fit the Bill of what makes you a Hero or Heroine. Hrithik didn't need her for fame, she just complimented him really well. She became his better-half on screen when she played the Jodha to his Akbar in Jodha-Akbar or Bonny to his Clyde in Dhoom 2. 






* Abhishek Bachchan: ABjr has worked with his gorgeous wife in 4 movies. Their reel life romancing spilled over to real life romance! Theirs is very much the Amitabh-Jaya story, where the wife was already a famous star before the husband gained stardom. The tall, strong, protector of a man always manages to charm is way into his lady-love's heart, be it the chivalrous King in Umraao Jaan or the rustic, flirty, ambitious man in Guru. Their love for each other has created magic on screen!