5 Tasty high protein food that can help you lose weight

New Delhi: Yummy-licious!

Such phrases were used by people to express their contentment in food.  But, over the years, many have abandoned this word in the name of weight loss. In their struggle to lower the scales, they've forgotten what is essential for their body. 

However, it's time for this word to make it's comeback. Everyone, who is controlling their diet, will have this word in their mouth. This is solely because a new study, published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, has further reinforced the notion of rich protein diet.  The study has revealed that the best way to reduce the excessive fat is to endorse a high protein diet.

However, many are delusional about rich protein diet. They feel that rich protein diet is made up of raw veggies and may lack taste. 

To break away from this prejudice, here is a list of some finger licking food that can help ease the diet process:

Peanut Butter Salad


Vegetables such as spinach, peas, sun dried tomatoes and artichokes are rich in protein. However, if you couple it with a peanut butter spread, you can enjoy a great salad dressing that is ready to be consumed.  

Roasted Chickpeas 

Roasted Chickpeas tossed with onion, tomatoes and green chilli with a dash of lemon juice will spell a  magical charm at your dining table. 


One container of yogurt contains 20 grams of proteins. You can always combine it with a range of fruits to add on to the flavor of the yogurt. You can either cut fresh fruits into it or grind the fruits along with the yogurt to generate some tongue licking flavors.


Made out of chickpeas, Hummus is a dip that goes best with pita Bread. This Arabic dish can be occasionally seasoned with garlic or red chillis to trigger your taste buds.

Vegetable stew

Stew can be prepared by boiling all the vegetables in water. You can add spinach, broccoli, baby corn and other veggies with some seasoning to suit your taste buds. Various forms of meat such as chicken and fish can be added to further enhance the taste.

(Written by Ishita Kapai)