5 reasons why the Rio Olympics is a disaster

New Delhi: No Olympic Games goes off completely without a trouble, but the list of problems plaguing Rio, host of the 2016 Olympics, is quite different. Here are five reasons why the Rio Olympics is already a disaster-

1. Dirty water: Rio has been in some pretty hot water for the extremely hazardous levels of raw sewage and trash floating in the disease ridden water ways. An attempt to clean it up with eco- barriers failed after the water was found to have bacteria 1.7 million times what’s considered harmful on a beach in Southern California.

Some athletes, like the U.S. Olympics rowing team have decided to wear antimicrobial suits, but health experts say it won’t be enough to protect them from infection.

And if that wasn’t enough, recent studies have found antibiotic resistant “ super bactorial” of beaches and in a lagoon where Olympic rowing canoeing and triathalon swimming events are set to be held .

2. Draining the economy:

Brazil is broke. And still, Rio has spent millions on the Olympics and taken out an $860 million loan from the government to cover coast.

The Olympics has been used as a justification for  projects like million dollar beachfront condos and a subway expansion to a wealthy suburb but not much is  being done to help average Brazilian.

3. Evictions:

Thousands of families have been evicted to make room for Olympic park in Rio in what some have termed a “social cleansing” residents say they have been intimidated by the government into leaving without adequate notice, and offered less than market values for their homes.

4. Violence:

Despite recent years of progress , violence and crimes are back up in Rio, where nearly 2000 people have been murdered this year already. While violence is mostly concentrated in the favelas an Australian athlete has been mugged and a group of Spanish sailors competing in the Olympics were caught in the middle of gun fight.

And though some 85, 000 police officers and soldiers to be deployed during the games, there paychecks have been delayed, leading some to threaten to quit. The city has also seen an increase in police brutally more than 2,500 people have been killed by the police in Rio since the Olympic won the bid in 2009.

5. Messy Politics:

Remember Dilma Rouseff Brazil’s President who was suspended in may after  being accused of illegally manipulating the country’s budget to hide a huge deficit.

Well , Rouseff’s now facing impeachment proceedings , which hasn’t exactly been creating the “festive” mood everyone hoped for this Olympics . The verdict isn’t expected until after the games end. You may have noticed that Zika didn’t make the list that’s because  the mosquito -borne has been a concern all year. It’s now winter in Brazil, and risk of infection during the Olympics almost zero according to Brazil’s health minister.

When all is said and done the Olympics are fleeting it’s the local Brazilians who will end up with all the dirty water, violence, messy politics and a weaker than ever economy.  

Sources- AJ+