5 helpful tips to speed up your smartphone

New Delhi, Dec 16- Smartphones have seen great evolution in a couple of years. From only 256 Megabyte of RAM to 8GB of RAM, the smartphone industry has seen upgrades fast and can now compete against some of the most powerful desktops and laptops around them. However, with the vast variety of features, modern-day smartphones come with, they as well come with their very own trade-offs.

Android smartphones, especially, have always been believed to perform better along with a new update or a new emphasis of hardware, and that is the major reason why the operating system requires more RAM in order to run and perform quickly and smoothly. additionally, with so many of applications offering interesting features, we end up stuffing our smartphones with a lot more what we actually needed. as a matter of fact, some of the latest flagship smartphones are now backed by 6GB of RAM  and in some cases its 8GB of RAM which speaks volumes of a smartphone’s memory optimization. The main performance factor in every smartphone is their RAM capacity and what’s using it. The applications and data which are (running or stored) in RAM are much smoother and faster to access as we compare it to the ones stored in flash memory.

Keeping all this in mind, we tend to have applications which we use the most stored in RAM at all times in order to access near instant switching, however, the major problem with this is that our Handset RAM is limited and, at some point, a large app (heavy-graphic games) which we will run in our smartphone it will  end up demanding lots of RAM. In that case, the smartphone might face trouble to switch between running applications and even end up hanging our smartphones.Here comes the question, how to optimize the RAM of your smartphone and speed it up for daily use? Here, we are going to list some simple yet very effective tips which may help you to optimize your smartphone’s RAM and offer uninterrupted usage, even if you are running heavy applications in the Background.

5 top helpful tips to speed up your smartphone

1. Clear your cached data The applications which we install it constantly cache small pieces of data which will speed up your smartphone’s performance in normal conditions, however, if the  Handset is running low on storage, then the cached data will start slowing down your device more than increasing its performance. steps to clear cached data: step 1- navigate to the Settings on your smartphone step 2-Tap on Storage symbol step 3-Tap on Cached data,  step 4- and Select OK.2. Disable the  applications and remove bloatwareWhile killing some applications does free up RAM, it is a very short-term solution as applications have the tendency to restart and run themselves in the background. Hence, if there is some system application that can’t be uninstalled which are eating up your device’s RAM and slowing down the Handset, you have to disable them manually. Once you disable such applications, they won’t be running in the background until and unless they are enabled again. To disable system applications: step 1- navigate to Settings step 2- applications and then choose the applications which you are willing to disable. In the applications info page, tap on the 'Disable' option and then 'Disable app' option in the prompt.3. Disable the animationsAnimations are very helpful in making all the interactions and transactions with a smartphone operating system appear more fluid. However, these animations start looking like slow-mo videos and then the handset starts slowing down, turning them off completely will make it look better and free up some processing power as well.Steps to disable the Animations:step 1- navigate to Settings step 2- Tap on About phone and then hit the Build number 7 times before returning to Settings.step 3- tap on the Developer options step 4- Tap Windows animation scale and then select “Animation off”step 5-Repeat the last step with Animator duration scale and Transition animation scale.

4. Remove or reduce widgetsWhile Widgets is an amazing feature which will allow you to see as well as interact with applications right through your home screen without the need to actually launch the applications, they as well save you time when your smartphone is new and it performs quickly. However, eventually, they could reduce the speed of your device. When something like this happens, it is time for you to reduce the number of Widgets ar you can remove them completely.In order to remove or reduce Widgets and optimize your smartphone’s RAM: step 1- navigate to the widget that you wish to remove step 2-long press on it. step 3-  drag the widget to the Remove button and release.5. Use third-party Booster applicationsWhile some third-party Booster applications are very heavy and it comes with unnecessary bloatware there are some tips that can optimize your smartphone’s RAM for better performance. applications such as Clean Master bring a plenty of features to speed up your smartphone but in case you are just looking to clean your device’s RAM, then there is an option of  “Memory Boost” feature which helps you to free up some RAM right from the home screen.additionally, these applications also let you manage auto-starting applications and you can disable the applications which take up memory right from the starting. Apart from Clean Master, there are other applications as well to clean your smartphone’s RAM including CCLEANER, DU Speed Booster, much more. plenty of smartphone manufacturers have started adding these features within their OS.

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