5 Celebrities with an Attitude Problem!

It's tough being a celebrity! The accolades, fame, awards and the shazam (bling, cars, homes) have come from alot of hard work and dedication. As a Bollywood actor, you have to constantly re-invent yourself to keep your star-factor alive and fresh! Thus it can be quite a burden to maintain a good image. However there is a certain conduct that is required from them. They are known to be quite rude towards the media personnel and their producers. They do sometimes forget that its these people that can take them to heights of success and also put them in their place if they are rude to them! Our Bollywood Stars  are quite infamous for having an attitude problem. Here are 5 of them: 

1.  Katrina Kaif

Known as the Queen of tantrums this actor has often been in news for her outbursts. According to a report on Mid-day, Katrina Kaif once created quite a scene in an aircraft when an airhostess tapped her and woke her from her sleep to ask her to fasten the seat belt. The Fitoor actor yelled at her for touching her and made sure the airhostess apologized to her. According to a TOI report, Katrina Kaif was shooting for Bang Bangwhere she refused to be photographed by the media personnel on set and demanded for the specific journalist she wanted. This turned out to be a huge expense for the production team who were having a tough time managing her demands. Nor does she talk to her crew members directly even if they are standing next to her. She gives orders to her manager who in turn talks to the crew. Big Problem! Missy, please be more polite. 


2. Salman Khan

Sallu Bhai! You're known for your big heart, but please be nice to the lesser mortals as well! The Bigg Boss host Salman Khan always either budding heads with the media personnel or is involved in a legal battle. The actor who speaks of ‘Being Human’ is also known for having a super short temper. Last year the actor apparently got very furious when a fan was taking his pictures while getting off his car. He reportedly grabbed the fan's mobile phone while he was trying to take his photos and threw it on the ground. The fan was hurt and even told a leading daily  that he was really hurt and that his phone which meant nothing to Salman was extremely important to him. 


3. Kareena Kapoor

If she's inherited the super acting genes from her famous family then she's for sure inherited their infamous temper also! According to a report on iDiva.com, Kareena Kapoor is known for throwing tantrums. Reportedly, she put several conditions in front of Madhur Bhandarkar before agreeing to do his film Heroine, a movie based on Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe. A few of her conditions included casting only A- list celebs with her. She also denied to do any love-making scenes. It didn’t end there! The Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor was recently in news for throwing tantrums on a fan, who approached her to greet and wanted a picture at a busy airport. 

4. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aparently longevity in career also calls for longevity in tantrums and demands! The Jazbaa actor is apparently the most demanding passenger! More than the dish, it is the presentation that is more important for this lady. It is said that while flying, she keeps the flight attendants on their toes. She asks them to present before her, all the dishes available one by one. She then selects the most visually appealing ones! Also, she is super protective of her daughter. Madame, if you've married the most eligible bachelor of his time and given birth to the most awaited baby ever, then you can't be MAD at the media for it! Learn to live with the demands of the high-profile life you've, voluntarily, chosen! 

5. Akshay Kumar

According to a report on 9XM during the screening of Akshay Kumar’s Singh Is Bliing at a famous movie theatre, the Airlift actor was huddled by crazy fans on arriving at the venue. When a few fans playfully pat his back, he yelled at his bodyguard asking him how they had the audacity to cross the line in his presence. While he heading towards his car, he also allegedly pushed a sardar fan while he was trying to get close to him. He had also slapped a fan on the sets of Gabbar is Back. The actor often is very particular about his bedtime, diet regimes and fitness, thus he doesn't compromise on it! He gets very angry when he has to work late night shifts! Akki bhai, stick to your routine, however flexibility and adaptation are also virtues of being dedicated towards your work, that you seemed to have missed!