5 Bollywood Leading Ladies that can carry off jumpsuits well!

It was a fashion myth that only lean women can carry jumpsuits well! They can be cut out according to your body type, accentuating your curves well. Your summer wardrobe must consist of such an outfit as they're quite playful, chic and yet super comfortable. Here are five actresses that carry off the outfit really well: 


* Priyanka Chopra: Priyanka Chopra looks absolutely stunning in jumpsuits. Her toned arms and selection of high heels accentuate her tiny body, well! 


* Parineeti Chopra: Since Parineeti gives off a sort of tom-boyish vibe about herself because she's outspoken and her co-actors consider her to be chum rather than a lady! She can be quite rough as the boys on the sets! Thus the jumpsuits she wears gives her a very casual-chic aura! 


* Anoushka Sharma: Another very experimental and tom-boyish sort of a dresser, the jumpsuits she wears compliment her very 'comfortable and casual' attitude towards life. 


* Deepika Padukone: Deepika is one dresser that can never be swayed by one type of style. Because she has such regal looks and the quintessential tall+thin frame (desired by many women), she can carry off pretty much anything! She looks extremely beautiful in jumpsuits paired with slippers cuz she doesn't need the height. 

* Sonakshi Sinha: Sona (as she refers to herself) is a treat to watch! Sonakshi styles herself from head to toe. She knows what hairstyle complements a particular style, its essential to be aware of such things so you don't make any fashion faux pas! Thus when she wears jumpsuits, she opts for long, straight and slick hairstyles with matching shoes. She never experiments with colours that don't match. Very rarely.