5 Bestest Films of Deepika Padukone as she celebrates 10 years in Movies!


"Being a superstar isnt simple. It requires a lot of commitment and sacrifice. Your career goes through extreme ups and downs. You are judged all the time. Great things are written about you, but at the same time, not-so-good things are also said. At times, things are said about you that are completely untrue, and people mostly try to pull you down." - Deepika Padukone 


Deepika has proved that longevity and consistency is the key to success in this industry.


Let's look at five of her best films in her 10 year career: 


1. Om Shanti Om: OSO was the debut vehicle for the leggy lass, a fab one too with the famed Farah Khan as the director and SRK starring opposite her. Rarely, actresses debut with a double role because it demands two different expressions and methodology altogether. It wasnt just a double role, but a multigenerational type also. Deepika came out shining with her 70s glam as well as the 20th century oomph! She nailed it with her acting, dancing and costumes. OSO was a big grosser of its year. 




2. Bajirao Mastani: To succeed as an actress, a lady has to do a historical. Its because men in India are enamoured with the ancient ranis (warriors) and the pride and grace with which they carried themselves! Thus Bhansali's Mastani was the perfect vehicle for her to seep into the hearts and minds of the lads of the country - she was applauded for her fierceness, confidence, passion and valour. 






3. Piku: Also, she needed a girl next door character! The charms, non-challant and witty attitude of the gurls these days are extremely refreshing to watch on screen. She stood up to the level of acting against her co-star, superstar Amitabh Bachchan. She nailed it with her acting as well as her look in the film. 





4. Cocktail: It was Bawa's (Homi Adajania) film made just to gage his level of talent in mainstream cinema. He took it as breezly as he takes his diving! The film was just as breezy, fresh, realistic, new-age and exciting as the profession of the former-diver. Deepika played the character of the practical, independent yet caring ladylove to the T!  







5. Yeh Jawani Hay Deewani: All the guys need is a girl to help him sale through the journey of life by being his anchor and make him good meals, also! The wanderer Bunny brushes her off when young and naieve but comes back to find true love and strength in her when he's seen and done it all in life. Deepika became the ultimate dream-gurl for him! True Blue love story but she gave such freshness to her role. She outshone Ranbir in it!