5 amazing games you’d love to play on Google

You sit for hours in front of a computer: working, browsing, or just fiddling with your keyboard. It gets monotonous. All you need is a distraction; some magic that would vaporise your worries and add fun to the dull atmosphere. Well, Google has just the right thing — funny little games and programs — that sprout up amazingly upon typing certain words in the search box.


1. Zerg rush

Wait, let me guess. You’re bored at work. Staring continuously to your luminous monitor screen has made you weary. Up for some fun? Type “zerg rush” into the search box, hit enter and get your fingers to the mouse. Click frantically as little Google “o”s would be attempting to eat your page from all directions. Hurry, else you’ll be left with a blank screen.


2. Break the brick

The classic ‘brick breaking’ brings back childhood memories of video games. All you get to do is type “atari breakout” into Google’s image search. Wait for a couple seconds, as the images transform into a game of bricks.


3. Flip a coin

Admit it. Most of the times when you’re in a fix, to choose either this or that, you tend to rely on a coin. Same act follows with a contradicting view of a friend. Alas! no coin in your pocket. Well, Google is here to the rescue. Type “flip a coin”, and there it goes: heads or tails.


4. Roll it over

While the coin leaves you with limited choice, a dice, on the other hand, provides you with six-options. To hunt for your dice would probably be a difficult task, but Google has it easy for you. Type “roll a die” in the search box, and get your board game ready.


5. Jump it over

No internet connection? Instead of losing your calm head, just press the spacebar. In the network error page of Google Chrome lies a cute, jump-over, endless running game. It features a ‘lonely t-rex’ jumping over thorns and canary birds on a vast stretch of land.


You’d also love to type: “do a barrel roll”, “askew”, “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”, “<blink>”, and “google in 1998”. No, I won’t spoil your stunned face. Witness the magic for yourself. Enjoy!


By: Mayank Mohanti