4 Reasons why Kites failed to make it to Hollywood


Kites was a launch vehicle for Hrithik towards greater horizons - namely Hollywood! If there was any actor, from Bollywood, that has the looks, the diction, the persona, the emotions, the adaptability, the body and the ability to do action scenes that are at par with Hollywood stunts, it was Hrithik Roshan! The Adonis of Bollywood! So, agreed on that. However, when Kites hit theaters, it bombed big time! It was quite disappointing for the Roshan Clan as they had big hopes on it. 


Lets break-down four reasons, according to me, for its flop:  



Genre: To get noticed in Hollywood, you have to have to know your genre. Given Hrithik's fab bod and action skills, they should have opted for the action genre. A thriller of sorts. He should have played on his advantages. For at-least his first movie. In Hollywood, to have a success with a love story, you need a strong script, which Kites wasn't. The script is what envokes the emotions then diffused onto the screen. In Bollywood, you can make-do with love stories with some singing and dancing and Sher-o-Shayari! Isn't the case in Hollywood, though. 





Heroine: Did we know Barbara Mori? Understood that the backdrop was Mexico, however, why did they opt for a lesser known actress than a popular one? She was given a whopping sum - in the same amount of money, they could have gotten Carmen Electra, Eva Longoria - more famous faces with credible work behind them! Another thing that gets you fame in Hollywood is credibility! They could have been the strength by which Hrithik could have reached a wider audience and made money. 



Audience: They were utterly confused because what was the movie actually about? A Con-man conning a woman? A man in love rescuing his woman? The flawed immigration system? Or people wanting a better life? Is it really love if you're offering a woman a proper status in your country? Most people felt that it wasn't love, at least wasn't unconditional! It was a relationship with benefits for both parties! The audience is way mature these days, they want entertainment rather than to be taken for a ride! 




Direction: Anurag Basu did get very ambitious! The movie flowed in an unusual pattern – switching between flashback and present, thereby making it tough to keep track of the events happening. May be the director(s) had tried to keep the audience gripped with the twists and turns of the story, but what resulted was the audience were kept  guessing as to what and why certain things happened, as if riding them through a maze. Truly speaking Kites lacked a story (again scripting); rather it was a collage of incidents – an area in which it deviated from typical commercial Hindi movie incidents.