Video: 32-yr-old man posing to be a 80-yr-old old man caught at IGI airport

32-year-old impersonating as 80-year-old

New Delhi, Sep 10: See this shocking video where a fraud was caught as a strange case of impersonation came to light when a 32-yr-old Jayesh Patel from Ahmedabad posing to be an 80-year-old Amrik Singh, was held at IGI airport. To look like a genuine old man he sat on a wheelchair but could not escape the prying eyes of the officials.

According to CISF, on September 8, at about 10.45 pm during pre-embarkation security checks at the security hold area of Terminal 3 (T-3) of IGI airport, a passenger Amrik Singh, scheduled to travel to New York by Flight No. AI 101, sitting on a wheelchair reported for frisking.

"Sub Inspector Rajveer Singh of CISF, deployed as the screener, asked him to stand on the podium. But the said passenger showed his inability on the pretext that he is unable to stand, being old. Sub Inspector Singh tried to interact with him and observed that the passenger was not making eye contact during the interaction," the statement said.

The statement further said, "On doubt, Singh checked his passport and noticed that he was holding the passport T-7372540 in the name of Amrik Singh, wherein the date of birth was mentioned as 01.02.1938 (age 81 years). The appearance and skin texture of the passenger seemed to be much younger than mentioned in the passport."

"On deep observation, it was noticed that he had coloured his hairs and beard with white colour. He was also wearing zero power glasses to conceal his age," the statement said.

The statement said, "As the age of the passenger was not corresponding with his physical appearance and behaviour, he was further enquired by the CISF personnel. On tactful questioning, the passenger revealed his real identity as Jayesh Patel, age 32 years, son of Krishankant Patel and resident of Ahmedabad."

"Immigration officials were informed who established the case of impersonation. Subsequently, the passenger was handed over to immigration officials for further necessary action," the statement added.

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