3 Ways Seat Belts can be safe for you

It's been proven time and again, on back roads and superhighways. Various conditions can lead to accidents - such as unfavourable weather conditions, speeding, the drive being unwell, cars around being roudy, etc.  About 70% of drivers and passangers are treated in emergency departments due to being injured in motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2015. Here are three ways a car accident can save lives: 

* Keeps the occupants of the vehicle inside the vehicle: It’s just a myth that people are better off being thrown away.  People thrown from a vehicle are three times more likely to be killed than those who remain inside.

* Restrains the strongest parts of the body: Restraints are designed to contact your body at its strongest parts. For an older child and adult, these parts are the hips and shoulders, which is where the seat belt is usually strapped. 

* Spreads out any coercions caused from collision: "Lap-and-shoulder belts spread the force of the crash over a wide area of the body. By putting less stress on any one area, they can help you avoid big injuries. A shoulder strap also helps keep your head and upper body away from the dashboard, steering wheel, and other hard interior parts of the automobile should you stop suddenly or be hit by another vehicle.