3 Summer Clothing tips for kids during summers

When the mercury starts to rise, the greatest risks to the kids are overheating and sun exposure. Overexposure during childhood doubles the risk of melanoma later on, so its extremely important to have them wear the right garbs. Here are three tips for appropriate clothing during summers:

* Choose Cotton: The main criterion for any item your little darling dons on a hot summer day is that it’s made of 100 percent lightweight cotton. Cotton will “breathe,” allowing air to reach your child’s body and her perspiration (yes, toddlers sweat) to evaporate rather than stick to her skin and cause irritation. Less brighter colors will block the sun’s rays best, but they absorb heat rather than reflect it as lighter colors do.

* Cover up at the pool:Hot weather calls for simple, lose outfits with a minimum of layers. Lose the onesie under your toddler’s shorts and tees to cool things down. For little girls, a simple sleeveless knit dress makes getting dressed a breeze.

* Pick waterproof sandals: Your tiny new walker has tender feet and a yearning to explore. A waterproof sandal with a flexible sole and quick-drying fabric is a must-have