3 Sleep Patterns that can improve your marital life

f you're like many couples, you have slipped into nighttime patterns that put significant stress on the health of your relationship. Your spouse might like to watch TV until wee hours of the morning, or might like a thicker blanket, the thermostast to be higher, various other things! It can definitely effect your performance levels, ability to get through your routines as well. Here are three changes you and your partner can incorporate in order to sleep better and be happier:

* Watch what you eat and drink - caffeine can keep you awake, alcohol can disturb your sleep, eating a big meal right before sleeping can make you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night! Also, drink water before 8pm.

* Exercise daily - Exercise can relax your brain and thus you can ease into your bedtime.

* Create appealing and relaxing pre-bedtime activities.  Avoid watching tv or having highly emotional conversations right before turning down.