3 Safety Measures while operating public toilets

Public restrooms have deadly bacteria that can be detrimental to your health. Be it at your workplace, or at an amusement park. The task of operating public restrooms gets more harrowing if you are with small kids. So emancipate your bladders when you feel the urge, as we have got some safe and hygienic methods to operate public toilets. In sequential order, they are:

STEP 1: First up, do not enter a toilet unless you spot some tissue around. STEP 2: Wipe the toilet seat with wet tissues or disinfectant sprays. Not carrying one? Don't worry, simply use the tissue beside the toilet seat. Discard, the first two layers of the toilet roll as they are exposed to bacteria by the person used it before you. STEP 3: When it's time to flush, don't flush with your hands. Use some tissue to press the flush or some "ninja skills" could come in handy here - flush using your foot.