3 Nightlife Ettiquettes


Is there a perfect way to execute or conduct yourself when you're out having a fun evening! Absolutely! Good times also call for you being respectful and responsible! It doesn't matter how many Tequillas you have guzzled down or that you're favourite song is on blast! Here are three things you need to keep in mind while at clubs: 


* The Lines: Let’s start with the dreaded long LINE! Ever since we were children in school, it has been ingrained in our heads that waiting in line will get you to the marvelous conclusion. However as we grew older we became more and more impatient!  The rules havent changed yet we have! When walking up to a club there will always be a line. Even if it’s only 11PM and the club isn’t full, trust me there will be a line. It’s the clubs way of letting guests know, there is something special on the other side. Here are two dos and dont's: 

1. Be patient! Be polite to other club guests in line. 

2. Be Supernice to the bouncers or securuty! Your good time is in their hands!   

* Fashion: Oh gosh this subject can get a little personal. Now, people who attend clubs are always usually fashionable so. You go to a club to feel good, hang out with your gurls or guys and celerate your life. Your style defines your personality and your comfort zone! Here are two things to keep in mind when it comes to style, ladies: 

1. Do dress according to the weather. If it is windy, raining and about to hail, a mini skirt with open toed heels wouldn’t be your best option. 2. Carry a small purse with only essentials - clutch that carries your phone, money, ID and lipstick is enough, so you arent lugging it around! 

* Men versus Women: Its best when men and women share the same clubs and party together harmoniously, you don’t want to be that jerk or that let’s just say “unappreciated girl” at the club. Men and women share some of the same Do’s and Don’ts yet also have a short list of individual duties.  Here are two important things to keep in mind: 

1. Being respectful to the opposite sex is always a must Do! Gentleman - if youre dancing too close to comfort, then listen to your ladies! '

2. Ladies please ask gently and respectfully gentlemen to back off if you aren't comfortable, do not yell or slap them! The security will handle them if they don't listen to you.