3 Health Benefits of Stevia

Stevia, also known as Stevia Rebaudiana, is widely considered one of the most interesting and beneficial new discoveries when it comes to health and healing. It is actually the name for the more than 240 species of shrubs and small flowering plans in the Asteraceae family, which is the same family as sunflowers. Here are three health benefits of Stevia Family:


* Curbs Diabetes: The most important or widely praised aspect of stevia  is its ability to regulate blood sugar levels in the body.

* Weight Loss: Stevia is very less in calories and is anywhere from 40-300x sweeter than sugar, depending on the prevalence of certain extracts in the species. This means that people can eat foods like cakes, cookies, and candies made with stevia without worrying about gaining a great amount of calories from sugars.
* Regulates Blood Pressure: As mentioned, stevioside is a type of glycoside, but there are other glycosides in stevia that can actually relax the blood vessels, increase urination, and facilitate the elimination of sodium from the body.