3 Cool ways to keep kids hydrated during summers

There are several ways to keep kids hydrated during summers. Better clothing, more water and lots of goodies in their summer bags. Here are three ways: 

* Give them mostly water:  It’s the best fluid for you when you’re well. Other sources of water are squash and various melons. 

* Make Homemade Popsicles:  By mixing together 100% fruit juice and water and freezing it in a tray with a stick, you can get your kids to consume more water! This fun activity can also help beat the heat during a summer day. A child who has become dehydrated from physical activity or heat should rest indoors or in the shade and drink water until they are rehydrated. 

* Create Colourful Icecubes: Create ice cubes filled with fruit to make water more interesting to drink. The fruit will add a pop of color and watching the ice melt could be a fun game. When all of the water is gone, your kids get to eat the fruit which is also filled with water.