3 Benefits of Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal Vitamins are taken during the time of preparation for a pregnancy. Its like an insurance policy, where you ensure you're getting the right amounts to help you carry through in the healthiest way possible. Prenatal Vitamins are designed to support childbearing and are essential for babies as well as moms. Here are three benefits of taking them:


* It boosts fertility in women: Specially for women above the age of 30 as well as first-time moms. Folic acid in them boosts women’s fertility by diminishing ovulatory disorders. It helps you in developing the right conditions for a baby in your womb.

* It combats congenital abnormalities: Folic acid combats birth defects in baby and saves the fetus from developing neural tube defects called spina bifida. It also supports spinal cord development in your baby and paves way for healthy childbearing in the future.

* It supports the brain: Folic acid supports brain development of the fetus. It improves cognitive abilities. If sufficient amount of folate isn't consumed, mental abnormalities are likely to take place in the child.