200 engineering students fall sick after eating college food

NewDelhi, Oct 3: Around 200 students of Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology engineering college in Nagpur area in the district fell sick after eating food at the hostel mess following which they were taken to a hospital where 10 girls of them are still in ICU. Around 200 students of the college complained of vomiting and diarrhea after consuming the food of the college mess on Wednesday.

The students were left panic-stricken after over 200 female students from the same hostel took ill last week.

While students allege that the incidences of fever are due to food poisoning, the college officials have claimed this to be a viral outbreak.

According to student sources, an unofficial circular was passed to them which warned them against complaining about the situation to those outside college. “It said that weather conditions were responsible for the situation. But if it were so, why are only girls falling ill? Girls of both new and the old hostel are ill as they have a common mess where they also drink water from. Many girls have also left for home, of which there are no reports,” said a second year MSc student. 

Director of VNIT, Pramod M Padole, he said to media, “This is just a viral infection and is contracted by everyone. The students live together, which is how they contracted the virus and fell sick.”

News24 Bureau