2 NATO soldiers killed by shooters dressed as Afghan troops

Kabul: Two members of NATO’s Resolute Support mission were killed in southern Afghanistan by men in Afghan uniform. “Two Resolute Support service members died this morning when (individuals) wearing Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) uniforms opened fire at an ANDSF compound in Southern Afghanistan,” the statement from the mission read, as cited by Afghan based Khamaa news. According to the statement, both Afghan and NATO mission officials have launched investigations into the incident and will make their findings public when they deem appropriate. It added that the mission does not regard the incident as a danger to the mission’s work in the region, which it promises to continue. “We continue to train, advise, and assist the ANDSF, and do not view this incident as (a danger) to the positive relationship between our forces,” the statement said. Both deceased soldiers were Romanian nationals, a statement from the Romanian Defence Ministry said, while explaining that the incident took place while the men were training Afghan police in the southern city of Kandahar. Some unconfirmed reports state that Taliban insurgents have claimed responsibility for the attack. Last month they vowed to launch “large-scale attacks” across Afghanistan at the end of spring as part of an annual “Spring offensive.”  Dubbed “Operation Omari” for late Taliban founder Mullah Mohammad Omar, the offensive is to include assassinations of “enemy commanders,” according to a statement from the Islamist group.