176 killed or missing in heavy rains in China

Beijing: Sixty people were either killed or missing in fresh torrential rain and floods in north China, taking the toll to 176 due to rainstorms this week that have flattened homes and triggered massive evacuation, officials said today.

As many as 26 people were killed and 34 others listed missing in Hebei Province in the rains in the rain since yesterday, local officials said.

42 people were killed and 74 missing in heavy rains in central and north areas on July 21.

Jingxing County, located in the west of the province, saw an average precipitation of 545.4 mm in 19 hours on July 20, surpassing the amount received by the county in the whole of 2015.

The local government has evacuated 38,750 people from the area, state-run Xinhua news agency reported today.

There have been power outages, disruptions to communication and other infrastructure, and road closures across Jingxing.

North and northeast China have been swept by heavy rain this week, causing many casualties and a lot of property damage.

Meanwhile, Chinese disaster relief authorities today launched an emergency response to deadly floods in Shanxi Province.


K J M Varma