Don't Miss: 15 points made by Rahul Gandhi at Berkeley

Washington, Sep 10: Rahul Gandhi is on an international tour and his very first interaction is creating ripples.  Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi will interact with global thinkers, political leaders and overseas Indians in the US this week on international economic and technology issues.

Gandhi, 47, began his nearly two-week trip to the US with an address at the University of California, Berkeley,  on contemporary India and the path forward for the world's largest democracy

His great grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first prime minister, delivered a speech at Berkeley in 1949. Here's what he said: -Even Mr.Abhishek Bachchan is a dynast, also Mr Ambani, that's how entire country is running: Rahul Gandhi

-What I sense is he doesn't converse with people he works with, even members of Parliament and BJP tell me that. He knows how to give a message to 3-4 different groups in a crowd, so his messaging ability is very effective and subtle: Rahul Gandhi on PM

-Mr.Modi has certain skills,he is a very good communicator,much better than me: Rahul Gandhi in UC Berkeley

-So he(PM Modi) massively opened up space for the terrorists in Kashmir, and you saw the increase in violence. PDP was instrumental in bringing youngsters in politics, but the day PM Modi made alliance with PDP, he destroyed them(PDP): Rahul Gandhi

-By 2013,we basically broke the back of terror, I hugged PM Manmohan Singh and told him it was one of the biggest achievements. When we started, terrorism was rampant in Kashmir, when we finished there was peace, we had broken the back of terrorism. For 9 years I worked behind the scenes with PM Manmohan Singh,P Chidambaram,Jairam Ramesh and others on J&K: Rahul Gandhi

-There is a BJP machine, about 1000 guys sitting on computers and telling you about me. Tremendous machine, all day they spread abuse about me, and the operation is run by the gentleman who is running our country: Rahul Gandhi on question of being a reluctant politician

-Mr.Modi clamped down on RTI. He shut it down.We got in trouble as we dramatically increased transparency: Rahul Gandhi

-Most of the country runs like this, so don't go after me,  Akhilesh Yadav a dynast, Mr Stalin a dynast,Mr Dhumal's son a dynast:Rahul Gandhi

-Core constituency of right wing leaders are those who cannot get a job. Around 2012, arrogance crept into Congress party and we stopped having conversations with people -Congress decides policy and vision through conversations and not by imposition: Rahul Gandhi

-I lost my father,my grandmother to violence, if I don't understand violence then who will? Hatred, anger and violence can destroy us, the politics of polarization is very dangerous. Idea of non-violence is under attack today, yet it is only idea which can take humanity forward: Rahul Gandhi in University of California Berkeley

-I am with them in their quest for justice, violence again anybody I strongly condemn: Rahul Gandhi on '84 riots

-Unlike China, India has to create jobs in a democratic environment

-Decisions like demonetisation taken without asking Chief Economic Advisor and Parliament caused tremendous damage.Small and medium entrepreneurs are the bedrock of India's economic progress: Rahul Gandhi in University of California Berkeley

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