10 lessons AAP should learn from this debacle, or it's finished

New Delhi: AAP will be left of nowhere if it denies learning these 10 lessons.  AAP couldn’t have it worse. The dreams of the party which climbed the ladder of success with the fastest pace in the history of independent India, seems to be having a free fall now. Vanity or amateurism? 

 Whatever is the reason this is a fact that Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP has been routed in the home turf too. What are the take-away lessons for AAP? Why Kejriwal and his team failed to make the desired impact? One thing is for sure that Arvind Kejriwal’s threat politics has backfired.

1.It is a matter of survival now for AAP. To remain politically relevant especially after the Goa, Punjab and Delhi debacle.

2.AAP has failed to live up to the expectations of the people, all its tall promises on Jan Lokpal Bill, Statehood of Delhi, installing CCTV cameras, Swaraj Bill are all pending.

3.The thinking heads need to burn midnight oil; what is the reason of rout in the home turf?  Their PAN-India dreams made them forget their responsibilities towards Delhites conveniently.

4.AAP had got a clear mandate in Delhi, they should have made Delhi the role model of good governance and rest would have followed

5.Has AAP become too ambitious? Delhi Assembly’s historical victory encouraged them to dream bigger and the result was a free fall.

6.Arvind Kejriwal underestimated Narendra Modi’s charisma. Bad mouthing the prime minister had an adverse effect.  

7.While the nation was dancing to the tunes of Pied Piper Modi , Kejriwal’s  unsavory tunes seemed out of place.

8.AAP has to pull socks. Reportedly Amit Shah has told the party workers that  the BJP victory in MCD polls will be a stepping stone to victory in next Assembly elections. Two years back while BJP could win just three seats AAP swept the polls with 67 out of 70 seats.

9.A chief minister diminishes his aura and charisma by projecting himself as a fighting cock. There is a difference between being a fighter and a fighting cock. His endless rounds of allegations on Lt Governor Najeeb Jung, BJP and Congress were boring after a time

10.Nothing substantial has been done in the nearly three years of rule of AAP in the national capital. Arivind Kejriwal has failed to set an example of good governance in Delhi and the voters are disillusioned.