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White spots on nail bed is not due to calcium deficiency but THIS

New Delhi: Do your nails exhibit white spots or vertical or horizontal lines, which are frequently thought to be symptoms of a calcium deficiency? It seems that this widely held “truth” is merely a hoax. This is owing to the fact that those white areas on your nail beds are caused by a zinc shortage rather than a calcium deficiency.

Nutritionist Pooja Makhija debunked this widespread myth by posting on Instagram that zinc is a “micro trace mineral” that the body needs for a variety of functions, including the heart, bones, lungs, and hundreds of other enzymes. However, what makes zinc so important is that the body cannot store it. This makes a diet high in zinc for us absolutely necessary.

White spots on nail bed is due to Zinc Deficiency

After iron, zinc is the trace mineral that is found in human bodies in the second-highest concentrations. It is essential for a number of bodily processes, including the creation of proteins, cell division and growth, DNA synthesis, immune maintenance, and enzyme reactions. “Also known as the ‘miracle mineral’, zinc works magic to transform chronic health problems, literally improving symptoms overnight,” Makhija’s caption read.

She went on to mention several dietary sources of zinc and that the majority of zinc (almost 70%) binds to the protein albumin. But, since “73 per cent of Indians are protein malnourished, making zinc deficiency even more prevalent,” she added.

Zinc is only found in tiny amounts in our cells. It can be challenging to diagnose zinc deficiency with a blood test. Makhija, however, provides a list of signs that can indicate zinc insufficiency.

Signs that can indicate Zinc Deficiency

  • You don’t sleep long enough
  • Your immune system is fragile
  • You have low sex drive or mood
  • You gain weight easily
  • Your teeth decay and gums bleed
  • You have unexplained hand and face wrinkles
  • You break out easily and often
  • You have delayed healing
  • You have accelerated macular degeneration

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