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What is the right age to let your child sleep alone? Why is it important?

New Delhi: In foreign countries, people start making the child sleep in another room only after a few months of birth. But it doesn’t happen in India. Here parents can’t even think of separating their child from themselves. But after some time it becomes necessary to make the child sleep in a separate room for some crucial reasons. Let us try to understand at what age is it appropriate to give your child a separate room.

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Giving your child a separate room is something on which opinions of parents might differ. Some of the parents want their children to sleep alone so as to develop a sense of independence in them. That is the reason why they let their child sleep alone from an early age. Whereas, some parents believe that the child should sleep with parents. They think this makes them emotionally strong. So some parents let their children sleep with them for a long time.

What is the right time to put a child to sleep separately?

Experts agree that the child should sleep with parents for at least an year. After this, they should put their bed next to parent’s bed and make them sleep there. When a child turns five to six year old, they should be put to sleep in a separate room. This will help them overcome their fear of sleeping alone. This must be gradual process so as to accustom the child with waking up alone. This shouldn’t be done suddenly.

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Every child is different

At the same time, celebrity nutritionist and lifestyle expert Luke Coutinho told on his Facebook live that every child is different. They need love and protection. It is the responsibility of the parents to fulfill it. The habit of making a child sleep separately cannot be inculcated in a day. For this you must take a gradual path.

In the beginning, you let the baby sleep with you. Then make the baby sleep in a bed next to yours. And only after that let your kid sleep  in the next room. The kids too need their privacy and parents should respect that. Also the room of the child should have a familiar environment. It must have figures and thing that the child is attracted too.

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Teach your child to be independent

When a child is sleeping in a separate room it is possible that the he or she will wake up in the middle of sleep and come to you. Don’t make your child sleep with you, rather walk him to his or her room and spend some time there until the child sleeps again. This will help the child to gradually overcome any sort of fear of being alone. The child should be made to understand that it is important to become self dependent. Encourage your child to sleep in a separate room.

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