Weird food combinations that works well, but you never imagined, Check out

New Delhi: It’s the era of new experiments. Experiments can be in terms of fashion, drinks, food and what not. Having said that, there has actually been experiments with different food items-some resulted in weirdest combinations- Maggi Shake for instance!

We got our hands into a reddit thread and witnessed some weirdest food combinations that you could have never imagined, but actually works well. Here we go!

  1. “French fries and powdered sugar. Learned this accidentally at the beach when the wind flipped my funnel cake over into my bucket of French fries.” DeaddyRuxpin
  2. “Peanut butter in your instant ramen. Makes it creamy like Thai style saté sauce.” SoyBuenoWorker
  3. “Honey and pizza. Especially with chicken, onion, and white sauce as the toppings. Or pineapple, jalapeno.” CluelessDinosaur
  4. “Watermelon with feta cheese, very popular in Greece.” Hour-Sir-1276
  5. “Chocolate-coated potato chips are delicious.” Tokyobeans28
  6. “Pickles and peanut butter. When I was a social worker, I went to do an initial home visit with a child who was just placed in foster care. When I walked into the home, she was sitting at the kitchen table with her foster siblings, eating pickles with peanut butter spread on ‘em. She asked if I was “brave enough” to try it. Turns out I was, and it’s pretty good.” slade797
  7. “Apples and ketchup, when I was like, 5, my mom made my brother and me chicken nuggets with apples and we dipped the apples in the ketchup for the nuggets, it was actually good.” Unicornia_amazia

Why don’t you try these strange combinations and see if it really works or not? I guess it will be interesting.

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